A New Way To Celebrate Davis Beer Week

This year we are switching things up a bit and we will be hosting the first ever Brewers Round Up at Sudwerk Brewing Co!  This event will be a celebration of craft beer in honor of all the bars, brewers, breweries, and beer reps that work so hard to support Davis Beer Week every year.  We are so excited to invite everyone to join us at Sudwerk Brewing Co. on August 20th to give thanks to all those that make craft beer possible!

Brewers Round Up

At the Brewers Round Up, we will be showcasing amazing California Craft Pilsners & Sours, local food vendors and enjoying local bands at Sudwerk Brewing Co. We are sending out invites to all the breweries and bars that have participated in Davis Beer Week as a thank you to them.  We will be opening up a select amount of tickets for the general public to attend this one of a kind celebration!   The Brewers Round Up will benefit a different local charity every year so we can be sure to make an impact on the community that supports us in so many ways!

It is time to give back to those breweries and local bars that do so much to help the craft beer culture thrive in Davis!  We believe that this intimate craft experience is the best way to wrap up a beer week, and we want to invite you to join us!

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