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Step Two: The Paper work


Tax Info for Donations:

US. Bicycling Hall of Fame
Tax ID: 22-2739738
300 b St., Davis CA 95616


  1. Additional Insurance paper work (see below)
  2. Valid Davis Business License to sell food
  3. Valid Davis Health Permit to serve food at events Click Here For Forms
  4. Please follow all Temporary Food Facility Requirements for individual vendors Click Here For Information

Insurance Requirements:

Each vendor at the event needs to provide a certificate of insurance showing
$1,000,000 in General Liability insurance with this document. The certificate
also needs to name the event organizer (United States Bicycling Hall of Fame
& de’Veres Irish pub) as an “additional insured” and waive their right to
subrogate against the event organizer.


Food Vendor Load In: 3pm

Where To Park Afterwards